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Bio: compressed sealing composite insulators
It has been successfully developed based on introduced composite insulator production technology of Tsinghua University and has reached the international advanced level so it is one of the key products that promoted by the government. It has won the Scientific and Technological Award of ministry of power industry. It is also awarded as the national new product, obtaining the patents of the two insulator technologies namely the overall extruded jacket and end pressure type sealing.
Insulators play two fundamental roles in overhead transmission lines, namely supporting the conductors and preventing current from returning to the ground. These two functions must be ensured. The insulators should not fail due to various electromechanical stresses caused by changes in environmental and electrical load conditions. Otherwise, the insulator will not have a major effect, which will damage the use and operating life of the entire line.
In order to meet the users' demand, a series of products like 10kV~110kV composite insulating cross-arm, 10kV~110kV composite post insulators, 110kV~500kV composite insulating boom of live working, electrified railway composite insulators have been produced in the meantime.
Small size, easy to maintain; light weight, easy to install; high mechanical strength, not easy to break; excellent seismic performance, good stain resistance; fast production cycle and high quality stability.
It has high resistance to bending, impact resistance, shock resistance and explosion-proof performance. Reliable internal insulation and light weight make it an ideal replacement for traditional tempered glass insulators.
Small in size and light in weight, it is about 1/5~1/9 of the same voltage grade porcelain insulator, which is easy to transport and install.
The composite insulator has high mechanical strength, reliable structure, stable performance and large safety operation margin, which provides guarantee for line and safe operation.
The composite insulator has superior electrical performance. The silicone rubber umbrella skirt has good water repellency and migration, good anti-fouling performance, strong anti-soil flashing ability, and can operate safely in heavily polluted areas.
It does not require manual cleaning and can be tested for zero value maintenance.
The composite insulator has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat aging resistance and electric resistance, good sealing performance, and can ensure the inner insulation is not affected by moisture.
The composite insulator has good anti-brittle performance, strong anti-vibration, and no brittle fracture accident.
Composite insulators are interchangeable and can be used interchangeably with insulators such as porcelain.Power Electronic Equipment factory